J.Crew Call Center

Co-branded with the call center I currently work for, this app aims to resolve one of the most common mistakes associates make when arriving for their shift: forgetting their ID card/badge. Forgetting your badge happens all the time and almost guarantees you’ll clock-in late, as we’re given a 2-minute window from our scheduled start time.

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login and onboarding

Login or Sign-Up

Use your work issued email address and credentials to gain access to the app.

scan app

Scanning the App

The app has your badge stored for peace of mind. Simply hold your phone up to a scanner by the door to be let in-and-out. People may forget their wallet or bag, but not many forget their phones.

other features


The map tab holds a building directory to get around. The alerts tab will let you know of any important news like inclement weather, extra hours or overtime, or unpaid voluntary time off.