Weathervane Golf

Weathervane is a recently aquired, family owned golf course located in Weymouth, MA and was once rated as one of the nation’s top practice facilities. Since then, Weathervane has stuctured a game plan to return it to where it should be. This rebrand lends itself to the efforts to become the #1 golf course south of Boston.


Primary Logo

The Weathervane identity system is backed by the primary logo.

morphological matrix

Morphological Approach

The brandmark was created by taking the directional arrow from a weathervane and crossing over it with a golf tee.

brand colors


Inspiration was taken from two of the most common materials used to make a weathervane, Iron Black and Copper Orange/Brown. These colors, paired with Golf Ball White, set Weathervane apart from the endless sea of green-colored golf brands.



Establishes tone for the brand and echos the direction that the brandmark points to.

photo style

Photo Style

By Hao Zhang, Edwin Compton, and Diana Palkevic.

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golf shirt
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